How The Process Works

How the process works imageIonic Exchange Chemicals change the soil from a negative charge to a positive charge. Since water has a positive charge, the water is repelled, much like trying to touch two magnets together. This process disallows any water to re-enter the soil and allowing it to expand. Chemical Injections have proven to be the most effective means to treat soil with a high Plasticity Index as well as High Clay content. Regardless of periods of drought or water saturation, soils treated with Ionic Exchange Chemicals will remain constant and since they are independent of moisture levels, the injection process can be completed 50% faster using less water, thus saving both time and money. Soils injected with Ionic Exchange Chemicals consistently yield back results of less than 2% swelling and often time less than 1%.  It also increases the soils load-bearing capacity by 40 to 60%…a BIG plus when building a structure on the injected site.

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