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SureSlab is a slab and soil stabilization company. Considering DFW has some of the most active clay soil in the metroplex, it’s no surprise that many homeowners seek assistance with repair and remediation. Unfortunately they may not always seek guidance form a registered professional engineer with extensive foundation experience. An Engineers approach is to identify the source of the movement, the degree of movement, and the most cost effective means to return the foundation within an acceptable levelness and minimize future movement. This evaluation is considered a “Level B Investigation” by the ASCE Texas Section’s Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations. We contract with foundation expert Engineers from Eyncon Engineering.

There are multiple methods defined in the ASCE document to address problems with foundation movement. Contrary to most repair companies, our methodology is to utilize “Non-Structural” means to return slab on grade foundations to an acceptable level, and chemically treat them to reduce the excessive nature of swelling clay soil.

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