New Construction

Chemical injection for new construction is increasingly gaining popularity. The proprietary Earthlok chemical that we use is proven and effective for both new and existing foundations. Most production builders and homeowners seek to install the most cost effective foundation, this usually results in a slab on grade without piers. This may be a post tensioned slab or a concrete reinforced (rebar) slab. Either type will come with the risk of differential movement due to the swelling and shrinking nature of clay soil. There are many factors that will influence the potential movement; site preparation, stiffness of the foundation design, current moisture conditions, drainage conditions, and the natural swelling characteristics of the local soil.

By injecting at the perimeter beam prior to construction, you immediately affect the most influencing area (active zone) that will shrink/swell over the life of the foundation. We inject 6-10 feet down using high pressure hand injection steel wands. The injection is on 3ft centers directly into the perimeter beam prior to construction after the perimeter beam has been trenched by the concrete contractor. Depending on the size of the home, this process can take 3-6 hours and is performed prior to post tension cable or rebar placement.

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